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So what is Simpul you ask?

Simpul is a community of people who want to do life together! Whether you are an avid runner looking for a group of people to run with or a fan of a particular genre of movies, Simpul is here to connect you to a group of individuals that love what you love and do what you do.

Here are some of the things
you could be doing right now!

MoreWe are working hard to start enough clubs so that everyone can be part of Simpul. So come back in a month and see what's new.
Runningno one will stop you from achieving your goals in this group! Get active and get running with this club that will put you in your place while putting the fun back into running.



Find activities based on locations and times!

Are you looking for an activity based on the location or time of the events? If so we have got you. Click on Locations to get a detailed map of all our current clubs or click on Times to see clubs by meeting times.


View Simpul clubs on a map of Pretoria to see whats close and whats f a r

The Times

We get it! You are super busy! Don’t fret. Check out our clubs by meeting times.

Whatever you do,
Make Sure it

Makes you


Never let defeat

Have the
last word.

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