On the 15th of September 2018 we will be taking part in the Brooklyn Road race. This race has a 5KM, a 10KM and, half marathon(21KM) options available making it a great race for us to all do as a community. With that said, I would like to encourage you guys to try something new with this race!

If you have never run a 5KM race before then why not make this race the first time you do? If you have run 5K’s but you have never hit the 10KM mark then why don’t you sign up for the 10KM? And if you have never run a 21KM race before why not make that your goal for this run? With this race being a whole 14 weeks away, it gives you more than enough time to train and prepare your body and mind for your new goal.

I myself will be attempting to run the 21KM on the 15th of September for the first time, and a few of you are also going to be 21km first timers which is pretty exciting! I am however going to be honest, Its pretty daunting for me. A month ago I had no desire to push myself beyond 15km but I am up for the challenge even though right now I am definitely not prepared to even run more than 14.

Training plans: 
For that reason, I set out to find a training plan, and our good friend Dave Blake recommended(Although this was a while back!) the Nike Running Club’s plans. I have made it pretty easy for you to get hold of the plan too, Just click on the links below to get the PDF:  
5KM 8 Week Training plan.
10KM 8 Week Training plan.
21KM 14 Week training plan. 

I, however, would personally recommend downloading the Nike Running App on your phone and using the plan on your phone! You are able to give Nike Running Club all the information it needs to tailor make you a running plan! Then don’t forget to log your runs on Strava and make sure you following “Simpul Running” on Strava so we can see how you are doing. I would also like to encourage you guys to let us know on Strava what distance you are planning on running so we can encourage you along the way. So what should you do next?

Check List: 
1. Pick which distance you are going to run.
2. Get the training plan.
3. Make sure you have joined the Simpul Running Strava group.
4.RSVP for the event on Strava(click here) and let us know which category you are running in.
5. Get started on your training AND encourage others! 

As more information becomes available about the Brooklyn Road race we will let you know and keep you informed so you can enter when the entries open but for now, start preparing yourself for the physical and mental challenge that awaits. 

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